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Welcome to the official Coast Guard Auxiliary's National Forms Warehouse. Electronic versions of Auxiliary forms are posted on-line, to provide members with a quick and convenient method of obtaining good quality forms reproductions. New and revised forms will be made available as soon as they are released. If you have not already installed Adobe Reader, please do so now.

PDF Forms

The PDF Forms page contains the most recently released versions of Auxiliary forms as PDF files. They may be printed and completed "on paper", filled out on your computer and then printed out, or even attached to an email and sent. New and revised forms will be made available here as soon as they are released. To access PDF Forms, use the menu on the left.

It is required that these forms be downloaded to the member's computer and then be opened and completed using either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Attempting to complete a form within a browser will almost always result in the form's appearance and/or functionality to be incorrect.


Instead of using the PDF forms above, the E-Forms can send an electronic message "behind the scenes" to the appropriate recipient (e.g., your FSO-IS). These so-called "E-Forms" eliminate all manual filing, including having to send them as an e-mail attachment. To access E-Forms, use the menu on the left. NOTE: E-forms only work with Internet Explorer. They are not compatible with Edge or Chrome browsers.

Web Forms

In 2010, a third type of form, an online form that you can complete on any Web browser, made an appearance for the Auxiliary's most heavily-used form - the 7029 Member Activity Report. The so called "WebForm 7029", available from the link below, offers new simplicity and flexibility in entering and submitting hours.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: April 25, 2021